2021 Digital Marketing Trends to Pay Attention To 


The world of digital marketing is evolving steadily, and we can’t overlook its dynamics. From the ever-emerging Google Algorithms to the eventual influx in online stores, the internet has become a no-joke platform. Whether you are just a small online retail store, SEO professional, content marketer, or digital marketer, there are certain underlying factors to pay heed to.

The 2021 Digital Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Overlook.  

As we wrap 2020, we considered the need to assess the digital marketing sphere and assemble the shifts that will rule 2021. By following our guide, we are sure that you will remain a step ahead of the ever surging online competition. So, which trends!

  • Personalization 

2020 registered more personalized strategies from marketers, and consumers seem to appreciate the move. 49% of e-marketers are aware that personalization can deliver 5X to 9X the existing ROI, increase sales, and improve the brand profile. Apart from personalized messages, personalized emails have proved to be effective in triggering a response from consumers.

With that, combining personalization with your marketing techniques can create more business opportunities and offer an awesome experience to your customers.

  • SEO & Page Speed  

By now, SEO associates must be used with the popular Google algorithms, although their real impact is realized after the drop of each update. According to a May 2020 Google Webmaster Blog Post, User Experience (UX) will now become a ranking factor come 2021.

The criterion is the Core Web Vitals from which sites can determine their UX. Google’s Core Web Vitals are user-centred metrics where key aspects like load time, interactivity, and content stability are measured. Therefore, SEO must focus on page speed to help their websites rank come 2021.

  • Mobile Optimization  

More people nowadays access sites via mobile channels. According to a survey, there are more than 2.89 billion smartphone users worldwide, with 24 more additional minutes for internet use by each user. Therefore, an emphasis on mobile experiences must be a priority in case it hasn’t been.

Improving mobile experiences will enable you to tap diverse audiences and improve prospects. If you are a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) specialist, mobile optimization should be a major concern come 2021.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization 

Conversions are now more crucial than ever since they can improve ROI and leads. Conversion points on a site may be CTAs, form-fills, or other clickable spots. The primary target of CRO is to get people to a site and turn visitors into paying customers.

Ensure that the site receives a reliable amount of traffic, improve user experience and ascertain what people prefer on your site.

  • Pay-Per-Click PPC Campaigns  

PPC advertising is a marketing model where a fee is paid by the advertiser each time the sponsored ad is clicked. Search engine advertising is currently the most popular form of pay per click advertising. PPC campaigns can help to optimize spend and render overall marketing campaigns productive.

However, marketers should think of how they collect and track data and target specific demographics while launching their PPC campaigns.  

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

The social media landscape ought to be navigated with expertise if you are to make the best use of it. That means that the SMM campaigns must be strategically made to address numerous issues like competition, consumer demographics, and business prospects.

Overall usage of social media increased drastically since the pandemic outbreak, with 46- 58% use of social media among adults in the US alone.

Food for Thought 

We predict more digital marketing trends for 2021, including Voice Search, Omnichannel Marketing, Video Marketing, and Chatbots for Customer Service. Precisely, the coming year will be customer-oriented, and the winner takes it all. As you embark on your 2021 digital marketing strategy, we hope you take a leaf from our guide.   

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