Atlantis Water Park Dolphin Bay


Probably, you have heard of dolphins enjoying basking near the shores of UAE! But, now, you can touch them at their artificially created habitat in the UAE! Atlantis The Palm has not only the sliding water parks, but also various aquariums and bays that house various sea creature you can interact with! Visit Atlantis Dubai now. Visit for Atlantis Water Park Deals offer and enjoy availing great discount on your tickets to the Dolphin Bay!

Dolphin Bay

The Atlantis Water Park in Dubai has a Dolphin Bay that is home to various dolphins in a sprawling 26 million liter water body. The natural habitats have been recreated using the silica sand brought in from Saudi Arabia including other pieces of sea platform materials. The dolphins belong to the bottlenose species which are about 2.6 meters or 8.5 feet in length and weigh up to 230kilograms or about 500 pounds. They have teeth on either side of their lengthy protruding jaws mainly used to catch their prey and swallow, unless big which get cut to pieces by using their teeth and easily swallowed. Dolphins locate their food with a unique technique known as echolocation. Touted to be fast swimmers at about 25 miles per hour, they are three times faster than a human being can swim. Visit Dolphin Bay to enjoy more!

Dolphin Meeting Point

Yes! You have a point on the Dolphin’s Bay where you can go and make friends with dolphins. Of course, you need not know swimming for this! Just buy the ticket and produce at the entrance and you are taken care by a specialist dolphin care team member. You are taken to the rim side of the bay and made to meet and greet the dolphins. They swim up to where you are and poke out their so-called smiling jaws at you! You can have a lovely time experiencing being with the friendly dolphin. The photography team of the Dolphin’s Bay takes snaps for you and provide a complimentary photo snap while leaving the bay.

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Dolphin Encounter

Unlike Dolphin Bay where you need not know swimming, for dolphin encounter, you need to be a swimmer. The waters are shallow and all age groups of swimmers are allowed. Of course, you are accompanied by specialist team to let you know about dolphins, their behavior, their intelligence and show you their abilities. You can enjoy being with dolphins and knowing them from close quarters about everything you would have read or seen on your television sets. Atlantis Water Park Deals is an offer from Coupon Dubai to avail best prices for your tickets in to the various enclosures at the Atlantis!

Explore Dolphins

You must be at least 8 years and above to explore the dolphins close by. The specialist team will take you to the shallow waters of the Dolphin Bay and show you all about how they care for those intelligent creatures. You get to participate in an education talk with the specialist and know how the dolphins interact with them or react to their calls. Enjoy all your time being in the waters and with the dolphins right in Dubai! Make the best use of Atlantis Water Park Deals offer from to get good amount of discount on your ticket purchases to go around various enclosures of sea creatures.

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