Can I consult a dermatologist online?


Having great skin is very important to many of us. This comes as no surprise as our skin health has a direct impact on our self-confidence. Some of us might follow a simple skincare routine and have clear skin while there are some who still struggle with acne, hyperpigmentation as well as dry and dull skin even after following a 7 step or a 12 step skincare routine religiously. Do not worry, that is why dermatologists are here! They can guide you to manage any of your skin conditions.

Can I consult a dermatologist online?

In this era of rapidly developing telecommunications technologies, you can do almost everything online. Digital health service is one such example. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it is understandable that more and more people are becoming hesitant to visit clinics or hospitals for appointments, especially for something that is considered a minor issue due to its high-risk nature. Hence why telehealth has gained popularity over the past year as we adjust to a new norm. Telehealth provides a wide range of services such as consultations, medicine delivery services, and home visits by healthcare workers. One popular digital health platform that is used by people of all ages is DoctorOnCall. With just one click away you can get a one-on-one consultation with specialists and get your medications delivered right to your doorstep. Among the wide range of specialist consultations available, dermatologists are one of them.

Why should I consult a dermatologist online?

Here we list 5 reasons why you should consider using online consultation services instead of physical ones.

  1. Saves time

Living in a fast-paced world with a never-ending to-do list, we’re always on our feet and would want to get our appointments done as soon as possible. With online consultations, you can skip the long waiting time at clinics or hospitals and set an appointment that fits right into your daily schedule. Plus, there is no need to drive anywhere with online doctor consultations.

  1. Easily accessible

You can get a consultation anytime, anywhere as long as you have a working phone and a stable internet connection. Plus, some of us might feel anxious about visiting the clinic or hospital to get our problem checked out. With online consultations, you can be right at home where you feel comfortable while talking to a doctor about your issues. 

  1. Affordable

One might expect private online consultations to be more expensive but in reality, digital health services are pocket-friendly. Consultations with general practitioners and specialists can cost as low as RM80, which is considered cheap compared to private healthcare centers.  

  1. No risk of hospital transmitted infections

Spending a long time in a room full of other sick patients might increase your chances of catching an infection. Furthermore, in the midst of a pandemic, hospitals and clinics are deemed high-risk for coronavirus infections. By using telehealth services, you can minimize these risks and further protect yourself.

  1. Getting your prescriptions online

Need to get prescription medications? No need to worry as digital health platforms can provide online consultation to help you out. Plus, most of these services also provide great discounts and free shipping so you could save some money and time.

Consulting a dermatologist online is so easy! All you would need is a working electronic device for video calls and a stable internet connection. While telehealth is a good idea for most medical issues, it is not a replacement for meeting your doctor face to face. If you are experiencing a condition that requires urgent medical intervention, it is advisable to visit the nearest clinic or hospital, otherwise, you can use our services and talk to a dermatologist today!


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