Chemical Drain Cleaners – To Use or Not To Use


You wake up one day to find your sink, toilet and shower draining slowly. And nothing could be more irritating on a bright sunny morning than a blocked or slow drain. Sadly, this is the one kind of disaster that you just cannot ignore and this has to stop.

Now, you’re in doubt whether to use or not to use a chemical drain cleaner because you saw the TV ad saying that such a helping tool quickly solves the problem. But then, your conscience tells you there are non-chemical ways to fix clogs. Of course when in doubt, you can always contact a 24 hour plumber Croydon professional nearest you.

According to plumbing experts, before you decide to use any chemical or enzymatic drain cleaner, try using the safest way to unclog drains and that is by using the right plunger. There’s one for the sink and another one for the toilet so knowing the location of the clog is as important.

All you have to do is cover the overflow outlet, shut off the water supply and use the plunger according to instructions before pouring in that chemical cleaner. Why before? Because there’s a tendency for the chemical to splash back into your face and eyes if you pour it first then use the plunger after. Nevertheless, if this stunt fails, you won’t have a choice but to use a drain cleaner.

Be aware though that there are different drain cleaners depending on the type and severity of clogs. Experts say that chemical-based cleaners work the fastest but may cause some damage while enzymatic cleaners are slow but don’t damage your plumbing system.

Below are some of the good reasons why chemical drain cleaners to unclog a drain should be the last option.


Because they contain corrosive elements, chemical drain cleaners do have some level of toxicity in them and may harm your pipes in the long run. If the pipes get destroyed, then you’ll have to bear with costly repairs.


Once the chemicals accidentally come in contact with any part of your body, you’d feel some irritation and a burning sensation. When inhaled, there will be shortness of breath. Likewise, when you mix drain cleaners with other cleaning products, you’re putting yourself at risk since the mixture could result in production of some deadly gases. In short, the high level of toxicity makes chemical drain cleaners hazardous to health, the environment and your septic system as well.


Chemical cleaners produce heat enough to melt or warp plastic pipes, and when this happens, leaking follows. In this case, your next concern would be to have the leakage fixed, and this surely means money!

For your safety, you can contact the best plumber to know more about the effects of using chemical drain cleaners.

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