Driving license: A vital for one to drive in Dubai


For many, getting on a motorcycle and experiencing the freedom and rebel spirit of the open road is a dream come true. While it is possible to ride a dirt bike or motocross in the desert without a license, it is prudent to consider getting a motorcycle license to equip you.

The following is a step-by-step guide to obtaining a bike license in Dubai.

According to the RTA’s motorcycle handbook, bike riders must follow all rules that apply to drivers in the country. You must be at least 17 years old to apply for a Dubai motorcycle license.

Even if you have a valid Dubai driver’s license, you must apply for a separate license to ride a motorcycle in the city. If you do not have a Dubai bike license, you must register as a ‘beginner’ for at least 15 hours.

You can register for 8 hours if you have held your country’s motorcycle license for more than two years. You will need an affidavit from the consulate confirming your possession of a valid motorcycle license for this.

  • Documents required:

The documents required to apply for a motorcycle driving license in Dubai vary depending on the driving school, but in general, you will need the following documents:

-Emirates Identification (original and copy)

-NOC from the sponsor (preferably signed and stamped)

-Examination of the eyes

-Photographs 2 (passport size)

-If you already have a motorcycle license in your home country, you must submit a copy of it as well.


Once you’ve gathered these documents, go to your preferred driving school to register your application and open a file.

You must first attend theory lectures for a minimum of eight hours before taking a test. Following that, you must attend practical lessons and pass the driving school assessment.

The theory and practical lessons cover fundamentals such as balancing a motorcycle, driving with a load, risk management, traffic signs, road rules, and lane discipline.

. RTA tests are performed both in designated yards and on the road. If you fail these tests five times in a row, you’ll have to take more classes to be eligible again.

Overall, the Dubai motorcycle license application process can take two months if you take two lessons every weekend and pass all of your tests the first time.

  • Attending the 15-hour practice training

At Al Ahli Driving School, training takes place in ‘The Yard,’ a secure outdoor area. Your first lesson will teach you where everything on the bike is (key, fuel switch, indicators, headlight, horn, etc). Then, while keeping your eyes forward, you’ll need to find these on command. From there, you’ll be guided through levels 1–3 of practical lessons, which include riding around The Yard via a specific route that takes you through cones, practicing emergency stops, indicating, turning, and traveling slowly.

After about 12 hours of Yard training, you’ll be ready to take on Al Quoz’s roads. You’ll put on a high-vis vest and ride in convoy with an instructor along a predetermined route. Because you’re bound to make a lot of mistakes, expect to hear a lot of beeping from your instructor!

  • How to pass the RTA Test:

If you pass the internal exams, the driving school will schedule you for two RTA tests. Once more, one on the road and one in the yard. If you pass the test, you will be able to ride a motorcycle in Dubai. If you fail, you must reschedule your exam. If you fail five times, you’ll have to take more lessons before you can retake your RTA test.

These are some of the things to apply for the driving center in Dubai.


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