Self Care Is the Best Solution to Protect You during COVID-19


Even during the normal time, it is not easy to maintain both your physical and mental health. However, when it is a huge crisis like a natural disaster or pandemic things are bound to get out of hand. At this time along with expert help it is very important that you have enough knowledge about self care and practice it in your day-to-day life.

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What Is Self Care?

The World Health Organization states that self care is the ability of a person to maintain their health, prevent any disease and cope with already existing diseases and disability with or without the help of a professional.

Everybody has a desire to live healthy with sound mind. You need to put some effort to achieve that in your daily life, but when you are talking about pandemic situation like spreading of Corona virus, it is vital that you are more cautious and be prepared for ensuing stress and mental health problems.

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Self Care Practices That Can Help During COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Practice all the necessary self care routines to protect against the spreading of virus infection. Maintain social distancing, avoid going to crowded places, sanitize and maintain hygiene, wash hands with soap and water and observe self quarantine if suffering from symptoms of Corona infection. This would help a lot in restricting the contamination.
  • Not only individual but the community as a whole should maintain these self care practices and urge those who are not willing or unaware of the consequences.
  • Boast your immunity with natural immunity boasting foods, balanced diet and exercise. Maintain an active lifestyle and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Be alert and look for signs of stress or depression. In a grave situation like pandemics, people are mentally vulnerable. The fear, anxiety and frustration can get the worst of you. Know the distress number provided in your country to get help from health-caregivers.

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