How many types of bags are available in the market? 


In this article we will see the best bag types available in the market.


A backpack is a large bag that you can use to carry items in your back, designed to fit more items than a day pack. Although there is evidence that people used backpacks from civilizations as early as 3300, the term was first used in the United States in the 1910s.


Although small or medium backpacks are intended for everyday use, a day pack with a backpack is often used interchangeably. They are light in weight and easy to carry for daily activities.

Belt bag

The belt bag is designed to be worn around your waist (the term is sometimes interchangeable with the ‘waist pack’).

Waist bag

A fanny pack, also known as a fanny pack or fanny pack, is worn around the waist and is designed to store small items and everyday essentials. Unlike a belt bag, the bag part of a bomber bag is often inseparable from the belt. 

Drawstring bag

A drawstring bag is closed with a drawstring or drawcord.It is lightweight and is often available in canvas, nylon and leather.


Rucksack is derived from the German word “der Rocken”, which means “back” and “bag” which means “bag”. However, the rucksack also contains a buckle flap with more outer pockets than a traditional backpack.


Knoppack is a type of backpack made from canvas and waterproof materials.

Basket bag

The basket bag is one of the oldest bags, traditionally made from wood chips, cane and bamboo. A basket bag has more characteristic features due to its materials rather than its shape, as it can be made in a variety of silhouettes.

Box bag

The box bag is characterized by a box shape, a variety of pieces that can be worn as a cross body or holder bag or clutch.

Boston bag

The Boston bag is a barrel-shaped bag with a top zipper closing feature that is held in the hand by two top handles. It can be made from materials such as leather, nylon and canvas, but it always contains some kind of leather details.

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