How To Hire A Good Immigration Attorney?


Getting an immigration visa is a tough job, and choosing someone who is not experienced as an attorney. You cannot jeopardize your chances. Finding a good immigration lawyer to handle your case is very important as they are the main key that will unlock your gate to the States. If you are confused about how to get hold of a good immigration attorney, Pollak Immigration, PLLC has listed some features that you must notice while you are in search of finding a good lawyer for your immigration visa.

Search for referrals

If anyone in your acquaintance has hired someone and got their visa without having to worry about it, ask them for the contact details of that lawyer. It is a good way to skip all the researching parts and get yourself someone trustworthy.

Check the track records

If you do not have any reference by hand, you can google your way searching for the best attorneys to handle immigration process in town. To ensure that you are following a valid lead, go through their website and check their track records. Their track records will show how many clients they have handled and what years of experience they have had in handling immigration law.


The next thing you need to consider is the amount of experience an immigration attorney has in handling such cases. The more experience they will have, the more skillful they will be in handling your case. Every case is not the same, and there might be situations that are uncommon in your case. When you hire someone with experience, they will know the way out and will help you in getting what you have dreamt of.

Good communication skills

The next thing you need to consider is how good the immigration attorney is at communicating with you and other entities that are involved in the immigration process. The immigration process involves a lot of talking and dealing. Without good communication skills, your lawyer will not be able to convey and get things done on your behalf.


Now that you know what are the basic attributes that you should find in an immigration attorney it is time to begin your search. The immigration process can take from a week up to two months, depending on your situation. Thus, do not delay in hiring an attorney.

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