What are the Major Problems Involved in Divorces in Andover?


Divorce is not easy, it takes time and money. It can be a difficult life change that affects many parts of your life. From a legal perspective, there are many major problems involved in divorces. These issues include property disputes, child custody, and alimony.

What is the best way to handle these legal problems?  The best way to ease the hassles of a divorce is to hire an Andover divorce lawyer. A divorce lawyer can ease the stress involved in your divorce.

Let us now see into the major problems involved in divorces in Andover.

  • Property division

This is the most complex legal problem that comes up during a divorce. Property division is one of the major issues that can come up during a divorce. Here the property is defined as any tangible items, including land, buildings, machinery, and money. These things are divided by the court during a divorce. The court may divide them into separate individual properties or share them all equally among the parties involved. A divorce lawyer by your side can help you ensure that the division of property is fair.

  • Child custody and visitation

When a couple chooses to get divorced, they often have to divide their child custody and visitation rights. The children may have to live with each parent during the divorce. This may be dependent on the child custody laws of the state you live in. Divorce lawyers can help you with these legal issues. You might have to fight for child custody sometimes, especially if you and your spouse fail to come to an agreement. During such instances, a divorce lawyer can help you protect your interests.

  • Alimony

During a divorce, one spouse may be ordered to pay alimony to the other spouse. Alimony is meant to support the person who is economically disadvantaged. Such persons include a stay-at-home mom or homemaker.  In addition, those suffering from physical or mental illness may also be entitled to alimony during their divorce proceedings.  A divorce lawyer can help ensure that you receive your rightful alimony as each case differs from another in many instances.

  • Child support

Child support is usually meant to help children financially while they are still minors. This will be paid by one parent to the other parent.  For instance, if you are the primary breadwinner, you will have to pay child support to your spouse. This is usually paid in monthly installments to the parent raising the children. A divorce lawyer can help make sure that the child support is paid as per the court order.

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