What are the roles and duties of the Territorial Army?


The Territorial Army is a part of the Indian Army. It is also known as the second line of defense and requires an officer to serve the Nation for two to three months every year. The candidates who wish to get selected as the officers in the Indian Army has to appear for the Territory Army exam.

Roles of Territorial Army 

Territorial Armies are required to assist the regular Army in static obligations and help them complete civil tasks such as natural calamities, national emergencies, and others. Territorial Army Services are considered part-time commitments towards serving the Nation and are not regarded as a full-time employment source.

The Territorial Army comprises several entities of forces and assists the regular Army in many ways:

  1. Infantry Battalions.
  2. Ecological Task Force.
  3. General Hospital Units.
  4. Home and Hearth Infantry.
  5. Air Defense Artillery.
  6. Railway Industrial Units.

Currently, the Territorial Army consists of both Departmental and Non-Departmental Units:

Departmental UnitsNon-Departmental Units
10 Ecological TA Battalions40 Units of Infantry Battalion
Indian Oil CorporationHome and Hearth TA
Indian RailwaysEngineer TA
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

Territorial Army also provides support to the Army Units if and when required. Currently, the Indian Territorial Army has 40,000 First Line Soldiers and another 160,000 Second line troops.

Duties of Territorial Army

The following duties are being assigned to Territorial Armies to comply with:

  1. They are required to relieve the Regular Army from static duties.
  2. The territorial Army is required to assist the Civil Administration in dealing with natural calamities.
  3. They are responsible for maintaining essential services in situations where the lives of the communities are affected or the country’s security is threatened. 
  4. They are responsible for providing units for the regular Army as and when required.

How to become a Territorial Army Officer

The candidates applying for a post of Territorial Army should go through the below-listed norms before applying:

  1. Citizenship: The candidate should be a citizen of India.
  2. Age Limit: The candidate should belong to the age group of 19 to 42 years, as on the date of application.
  3. Educational Qualification: The candidate should be a graduate or equivalent from a recognized university.
  4. Physical Fitness: The candidate should be both physically and mentally fit at the time of application.
  5. Employment Records: The candidate should be able to fulfill any of the following conditions:
  6. Self-Employment
  7. Gainful Employment – The candidate should already possess a full-time and permanent paid-job
  8. Mainstay Civilian Professions: These profiles include the professionals doing community work such as Accountant, Doctor, Para-Medical Staff, and others
  9. Ex-Servicemen: The Ex-Service Personnel who qualify the relevant age criteria and have the required physical/mental fitness can also apply for becoming a Territorial Army Officer.

Important facts regarding Territorial Army Officers

  1. Territorial Army Officers do not guarantee pension, but the same is subjected to service rules followed by the organization.
  2. Pay and Allowances are the same as regular army officers when under training and military service.
  3. Officers commissioned in the Infantry Territorial Army can be extended for a longer duration depending upon the requirement.
  4. The Territorial Army Officers are entitled to all medals and awards as applicable to regular army officers.
  5. Free rations, CSD facilities, and medical facilities to self and dependents when required for military operations or when posted with permanent staff.
  6. Territorial Army Officers get Rank Pay as applicable to the Regular Army officers.

Territorial Army Officers get the same treatment as Indian Army officers and are looked upon with the same level of patriotism. Joining Territorial Army is a good option for candidates who wish to serve the nation and alongside have a source of income. Many famous personalities like MS Dhoni are part of the Indian Territorial Army and serve the regiment whenever they are required for.

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