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Many people are required to take the TOEFL exam for college or work purposes, but some benefits come with it.

The Toefl is a standardized test that measures the English language proficiency of non-native speakers, according to the Council of Europe. Participating countries include 64 countries across six continents. Which gives one an idea about how far-reaching the effects of this test can be on peoples’ lives? Let’s explore 6 benefits why one should take TOEFL exam in UAE. They may motivate one to pursue taking the Toefl exam if they have not already done so.

1) The first benefit is that it shows Basic English skills needed for international communication. Even though many people speak good English in America, they still fail the TOEFL because it measures not only vocabulary and grammar but also reading and listening skills. One example of this is the listening portion where one must listen for details as well as to general ideas. If they can complete these four sections on this exam, they will be able to communicate with people from other countries at a basic level.

2) The second benefit is that it generates information about their English abilities compared to those of native speakers. One cannot determine what type of English speaker they are until they take the Toefl test because different requirements are depending upon which country or institution they desire to attend. For example, most universities in Taiwan require a score of 500 whereas Singapore universities require 550. Universities in Japan typically don’t require TOEFL scores at all, but if one wants to study medicine, law, or other specialized courses, they will require a minimum score on another English test.

3) The third benefit is that it tells the college of one’s choice where they rank compared to students from around the world. Their TOEFL scores can determine not only which university or college they attend but also what courses and specialties they’ll be eligible for. If their score is very high (550+), then universities will allow them to choose more advanced classes and even facilitate early admission into school before regular applicants begin their senior year. Once again these shows how important these tests are in determining peoples’ futures and where they might end up after graduation.

4) The fourth benefit is that it indicates fluency or lack of fluency in English. Since the Toefl focuses on multiple skillets, it’s the only test that can accurately measure their ability to communicate effectively in English. If they’re planning on attending an American university or college, most institutions will not accept results from other standardized tests because they are unable to adequately discern your English skills. One may have scored high on another exam but failed the Toefl because it includes speaking and listening components which are critical for measuring true proficiency.

5) The fifth benefit is that it provides proof of their linguistic abilities for immigration purposes. After graduation, if they’re planning on staying abroad with family members who are citizens of another nation, then they need proof of their English skills. The Toefl is a straightforward, universally accepted test that establishes a candidate’s fluency in the English language.

6) The sixth benefit is that it allows one to apply for scholarships or funding from international sources. Many accredited universities in UAE and colleges around the world provide financial aid to students who score well on standardized tests such as the Toefl. In other words, if they’re planning on staying abroad after graduation but don’t have enough money to support themselves, then prepare for the Toefl exam at least one year before enrollment so that they can take advantage of these academic opportunities.

So, these were some fantastic benefits of the TOEFL exam.

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