Alicia Silverstone Joins Bumble in Quest for a Soulmate


The 45 year old actor isn’t shy about her latest dating adventure and is apparently attracted to people who are “confident” and “just solid in their skin.”

In a video she made for Bumble, Silverstone talks about her passions in life, her preferences in men and what inspired her to sign up.

“I’ve heard tons of beautiful stories from people. I think it’s very much the norm now. And it makes sense. It’s kind of like going to a bar, but it’s more effective.”

The actor, perhaps best known for her performance as the outwardly ditzy but determined and ultimately intelligent Cher Horowitz in Clueless, has in more recent years become known for her preference for independent movies and for her dedication to animal welfare.

Speaking about her dating habits, Silverstone is quick to point out that she doesn’t drink alcohol on dates but prefers to get to know people first so that her judgement is not impaired.

Describing herself as a Mom, actor, author and activist, Silverstone also talked about how she’d like to create a beautiful family and to host more dinner parties in the future.

The addition of a high profile celebrity to Bumble’s ranks of dating hopefuls will certainly boost the popularity of the already successful app even further. After all, who wouldn’t want a date with someone this accomplished and beautiful?

It’s perhaps pertinent that Bumble was the app of choice for Silverstone because it was created with women’s welfare first and foremost in its design.

The app stands out amongst its competitors because on Bumble, unlike other apps, women have to make the first move.

There won’t be a queue of disorderly fans or dodgy creepers looking to date Silverstone, she’ll be the one doing the choosing and that’s exactly how Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted it to be.

Wolfe Herd, the mastermind behind the mould-breaking app brought personal experience to the table when she created Bumble. She was after all the victim of workplace bullying and sexual harassment during her time at Tinder.

Wolfe Herd took her ex-boyfriend and fellow Tinder founder Justin Mateen to court over his ongoing harassment of her during her time on the executive team at Tinder.

Along with Mateen, she also sued Sean Rad, CEO of Tinder at the time, for his part in what was to all intents and purposes, a systematic campaign of abuse.

Rad was cited as standing by and doing nothing whilst Mateen abused and threatened Wolfe Herd.

Sean Rad lost his position as CEO and was demoted to “president” although he did get to retain his seat on the board.

It’s no surprise that celebrities aren’t exactly queuing up to get their profile pics on Tinder when we look at Rad’s track record – the supposed dating guru was hauled across the coals for getting the word “sodomy”confused with the word “sapiosexuality”. In case you’re wondering, sapiosexuality is when someone is attracted to intellect before anything else and sodomy…well, it’s nothing to do with intelligence!

Rad has also been hypothetically linked to an unnamed supermodel who he claims was “really, really famous” and ‘begging” him for sex.

It’s all starting to sound like something from The Office isn’t it?

So, Rad is not only someone who struggles with a basic understanding of sexual terms – despite being in the business of romance – but he’s also not the most discreet person either!

Even if a supermodel were “begging” him for anything, is it really appropriate to talk about it in the press?

No. And that’s why celebrities like Alicia Silverstone are signing up on Bumble – not Tinder.

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