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For parents, it is always a major concern when it comes to their kids’ education. As the kids grow up from being infants to toddler to school-going age, the parents also get more tensed about their education. Here, we will try to assist you in how you can teach your kid and help him/her in studies. There are multiple things that can be used to educate children before and during their years in elementary school. Children’s brains are most active, and they are open to learning new things. In these formative years, parents must be very particular about their kids’ education.

Parents and teachers can also use practical experiments to make their kids learn concepts related to Science, Maths, etc. Kids can conduct these experiments such as pepper and soap experiment inside their home or classroom under the supervision of their parents and teachers.

Given below are a few tricks that can work for instilling an interest in your kid in learning.

9 Tips and Tricks to Teach your Kid 

1. Rhymes

Poems are a great way to connect to children and teach them sounds and syllables in various words of the poems. Students of primary classes, as well as secondary and higher secondary classes, have poems in their curriculum.

2. Stories

Stories for children have numerous benefits. They teach moral values, introduce kids to new worlds and cultures, connect them with their own cultural values, refine linguistic skills, etc. Some of the most famous kinds of stories are the Panchatantra tales, fairy tales, Akbar-Birbal tales, moral stories, bedtime stories, etc.

3. Word Cards

Create word cards for your kids. You can teach them new words and help them increase their vocabulary. Meanwhile, children get to learn phonetics and differences in written and spoken language.

4. Worksheets

Worksheets are proven to build sound comprehension of concepts in children. Worksheets are straightforward. They don’t contain a bulk amount of theory. Instead, they have direct instructions and questions. For primary classes, these worksheets mostly comprise colourful illustrations as well which entice children to solve them.

5. Pronunciation

Help your child practice pronunciation of the most frequently used words. You can do this by simply playing with them games which involve speaking. This exercise works wonders for children as they learn pronunciation and intonation of the words along with building confidence in speaking in front of people.

6. Picture Games

Picture games are another way to enhance speaking skills. Ask your kid to identify images of the items/animals/plants etc. in the pictures. Humans tend to remember things for a longer time when they learn through audios and videos at the same time.

7. Books

You can buy generic children’s books for your kid and ask him/her to practice reading with you. Ask them the spellings of words that they come across while reading the book. You can also play short quizzes on the things taught in the books. Your kid can also try different experiments mentioned in the subject related books such as egg drop project, etc. These practical activities will help them to grasp the concepts easily.

8. Essays

Essay writing is introduced in the formative years of elementary school. This is because while framing an essay, one has to first frame multiple sentences. Also, one has to ponder over the topic and jot down whatever one feels about the topic. Then, one has to connect all the framed sentences, thoughts and ideas and create an essay. This is a great exercise for the overall development of one’s linguistic skills.

9. GK Questions

Last but not least, general knowledge plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. Even kids are expected to know and memorize GK questions. It might start with questions on the types of plants and animals found in nature. The area of general knowledge is pretty vast. Being able to remember questions on GK is something that boosts the confidence of children exponentially.

All the above tips would definitely help you in assisting your kid in learning. Class 1 is the first step of every kid towards extensive learning. Children in Grade 1 need their parents’ utmost attention and guidance.

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