How to Use WhatsApp for Better Productivity in the Company?


Many companies hesitate to allow the use of WhatsApp in the workplace because they believe it is an extremely risky business. For businesses, setting up this world’s leading instant messaging app as the main communication mode within the workplace is technologically difficult. On the other hand, companies also have to face compliance risks when they cannot manage and supervise the use of WhatsApp.

Thanks to advanced technology, there are several tools and strategies that help companies stay compliant while using WhatsApp for business communication. Once the app is set in the workplace, staff workers can use it in several different ways to increase productivity in their day-to-day business activities. As productivity level increases, the company is more likely to perform well financially.

As long as companies are using an effective WhatsApp spy hack tool to keep a check on the employees’ WhatsApp conversations, they do not have to worry about employees abusing the app in the workplace.

If you are still unsure about the right use of WhatsApp in the workplace, we would recommend you give it a read to the following ways that can help you understand how you can increase productivity in the workplace while using WhatsApp. By implementing these ways, you can integrate WhatsApp into your business operations effectively.

Ways to Use WhatsApp for Increased Productivity in the Business

Below, we have listed some effective ways to use WhatsApp for increased productivity in the company.

Distribution of Newsletter

The majority of the companies have been distributing newsletters to communicate with their employees about what’s going on in the company. Newsletters are sent out usually to inform employees about new innovative products, who has joined the team, updates from a potential client, and recent success stories of the department or the company.

The problem with sending newsletters through work emails is that they are likely to get lost and never get read because of the number of work emails employees receive every day. One of the best ways to make sure your company’s newsletter gets opened and read by your employees instantly is to send them out through WhatsApp.

You can either attach the newsletter file or send the URL of its online copy to your employees on WhatsApp. That way, your employees can be informed of any updates or changes that you have made in your company. This will increase the employer-employee engagement in the company and consequently, help employees stay motivated with their job roles.

Decision-Making Platform

It has become a common practice for many companies to discuss important matters that require urgent decision-making on WhatsApp group chats rather than talking about it verbally in an office meeting. Decisions made on WhatsApp group chats make it easier and clearer for both employees and their managers as everything is already being recorded in writing on the app.

WhatsApp can help employers and employees collaborate in a better way on matters that require instant decision-making. They can create separate groups on WhatsApp to discuss a specific project and also customize its notification settings to make sure all the participants respond quickly.

Share Knowledge Through Group Chats

Another way WhatsApp use can increase productivity in the workplace is by sharing knowledge through WhatsApp group chats. Companies can use group chats to exchange information and knowledge directly and more spontaneously.

The group messaging feature of WhatsApp comes in handy especially when your staff workers are working remotely or are deployed in different geographical locations. For instance, if one of your employees is working from home or is deployed in a different location than your head office location, you can exchange information with them through a WhatsApp group chat and gain input from them instantly.

This helps the employee receive the information in an instant way and also reduces the need to create multiple work email IDs for specified employees. When there are fewer work email contacts, employees can stay more focused on their jobs without getting disturbed by checking back-to-back emails.

Collect Instant Employee Feedback

Recent stats have revealed that WhatsApp has been considered the ideal platform to gather feedback and suggestions from your employees. Ever since Facebook launched WhatsApp Business, many companies have started using this platform for essential business communication.

Collecting timely feedback from your employees about their experience of working in the company can help you solve the problems that they face and also improve the overall workplace environment. Further to that, you can even receive feedback from employees in a much faster way even if they are not present in the office. That means even if they have gone on a business trip to some other city/country or they are having lunch outside, they can provide you instant and meaningful feedback.

Many employees also deploy cell phone spy software on the employees’ company-owned devices to regularly monitor their WhatsApp conversations. This helps them know whether or not employees have read their messages.

When you allow your employees to use the business communication tool that they are more comfortable and familiar with, you can effectively solve some of the issues they are facing in the workplace and also increase the likelihood of better productivity.

WhatsApp is being extensively used all over the world in almost every field. Now, even the business sector has started using this platform for day-to-day communication. If you’re concerned about your employees spending more time on WhatsApp for personal use, you can always opt for WhatsApp spy download.

WhatsApp spy apps can help you know what purpose your employee is using the app for. You can read all their incoming and outgoing messages on the app and also find out who they are exchanging the messages with.

With proper guidelines set for the use of WhatsApp in the workplace and an effective and reliable WhatsApp monitoring tool deployed on the employees’ devices, you do not have to worry about your employees misusing the app other than the defined purpose.


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