Robert Kraft: Sports Business Journal Says He’s the Most Influential Team Owner Today


In its annual rankings of the most influential people in sports, the Sports Business Journal has selected Robert Kraft for the top spot in the team owner category. Many other team owners were considered, and even shortlisted by the publication, but it was Kraft who made the cut. One of the biggest reasons for that was the leading role he played in securing part of a new media rights deal for the NFL. That deal was landed in the spring, and was worth a reported $110 billion.

As the longtime owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft has been a significant and notable advocate for the sale of a stake in NFL Media. By remaining at the forefront of that goal for so long, he has made a name for himself and others have taken note of his accomplishments. The Sports Business Journal also noted that Kraft had been instrumental is his ability to be a conduit to Michael Rubin, the Fanatics founder, as well as a host of business and celebrity VIPs.

Kraft is the founder of the Kraft Group, as well as its chairman and CEO. He is a Massachusetts native who attended Brookline public schools and then went to Columbia University. When he graduated from Columbia he moved on to Harvard Business School, where he obtained his master’s degree in business administration. After graduation, he started on a packing operation. This would eventually turn into International Forest Products (IFP) and then into the Kraft Group.

The various interests and business areas of the Kraft family are all blended into this holding company, where Kraft and others work tirelessly to make sure they can continue to bring quality products and services to consumers who recognize their name and expect a good experience from items associated with it. A large part of the success of the Kraft Group is Kraft himself, who values relationship building and works toward incorporating more of that into everything he does within the company and on his own.

The Kraft Group also recently announced that they had a $225 million plan for the renovation of Gillette Stadium. The stadium has been in the running to be chosen as the new site for hosting the 2026 World Cup. While there hasn’t yet been any formal decision made on that issue, the Group would love to see that come to pass. It is hoped that the renovations will be a catalyst toward that honor. While the renovation is a great way to improve the existing stadium, it’s not the only construction plan in the works.

Another focus of Robert Kraft and the Kraft Group is the construction of a completely new stadium for the New England Revolution. This is a key part of the plans for the Group, and the stadium would likely be build in or very near the downtown Boston area. With so much development, renovation, and effort in the works on an ongoing basis, it can be easy to see why Kraft was chosen for this specific designation. The Sports Business Journal has been following his efforts for years, and this is the culmination of his work.

The high level of integrity that is seen in everything Kraft does, along with the strong relationships he has cultivated with others, are the foundational stones of the Kraft Group and directly contribute to its success. As a philanthropic leader in the community, Kraft also focuses a lot of his attention on his local charities and nonprofits, to help ensure they are receiving what they need to continue to work toward helping others as much as possible.

Not only does Kraft work with local charities, but his family believes in philanthropic efforts all over the world. As part of one of the world’s leading families when it comes to giving, Kraft is very aware of the difference that a person can make when they put their mind to helping other people. He has chosen to be a part of that on a personal level, but also use the success of his company and business ventures to be a part of charitable giving on a professional level, as well.


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