What makes shared hosting good for your pocket?

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Shared hosting is the most popular type of hosting service largely because of its affordability. The cheapest way to host your website whether personal or commercial is to buy shared hosting plans that come with features that help you manage your site well. Available for as low as Rs 179 per month, these plans include resources like storage capacity and bandwidth that are essential for running your website. Let us look at some features of shared hosting that make it highly affordable.

Understanding Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, shared hosting involves hosting your website on a server that is shared with many other websites. When a single server is used to host several websites and its resources are shared by all of them, the service providers distribute the total maintenance cost among all the users. This makes your shared hosting plan quite affordable In, addition to sharing server space, your website also shares common resources such as RAM and CPU with many other websites. You should go for shared hosting if you are a new business or have budget constraints.

 Here are some benefits that you derive when you choose shared hosting for your website:

  1. Low Maintenance-A major advantage of choosing shared hosting for your website is that requires little or no maintenance efforts from your side. Your hosting service provider will offer a one-click email setup and installation of WordPress besides taking charge of the technical maintenance and administration of the server.
  2. User-Friendly– Shared hosting makes it quite easy for you to maintain a website. You do not need to acquire any technical knowledge to start a website since all the essential support and resources are included in your hosting plan and that too at affordable prices.
  3. Option to Upgrade– When you buy shared hosting you have access to a fixed amount of resources to maintain your website. But you also have the option to upgrade to a higher plan or more resources when you require them.  Your hosting service provider will allow you to upgrade your resources or shift to a better hosting plan by paying a little extra.
  4. Security Features– Shared hosting plans also include certain security features to protect your website from malware attacks. Your hosting service provider will also give an SSL certificate that authenticates your website’s identity and enables an encrypted connection.
  5. CDN Boosts the Download Speed– Your hosting provider may also include a content delivery network or CDN that boosts the delivery speed of your website by bringing it closer to where the visitor is from. The CDNs cache content like web pages, images, and even videos in proxy servers near the visitor’s physical location.

To conclude, shared hosting offers you the right resources to set up and maintain your website, at affordable rates. This allows you to spend your funds on building up your business and focusing on other aspects. Also, you have the option to upgrade your hosting plan when the need arises.

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