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How Would You Choose the Perfect Ceramic Wall Tiles?


If you want to redecorate your space, then tiles are certainly a go-to solution for it. Ceramic tiles are widely available in multiple patterns, colours and textures for you to pick and improve the space. There are different options available to suit every individual need and requirement, and they can be used well in residential or commercial areas. 

However, since the options are immense, you might easily get confused about what to pick and which tile will suit your interiors right. Hence, in this guide, we will be discussing the factors you need to keep in mind while choosing these tiles:

Consider good brands

The durability and longevity of the tiles must be given importance. If you go with local manufacturers, you will have to settle for materials of cheaper quality. These tiles may develop cracks over time due to lack of strength. However, if you choose good brands, you can be assured of their strength and quality. They can be used for longer periods without having to worry about damage.

Decide the size and finish

This factor largely depends on the area you want to apply the tiles on. The size of the space and its location play a very crucial role here. Large spaces must have larger tiles, and smaller spaces should have smaller tiles. If you want to feel the spaciousness, there must be lesser grout lines on the large tiles. To avoid slippage and accidents, pick matt-finish, anti-skid ceramic tiles. For the walls, you can go for glossy ceramic tiles.

Choose the colour and pattern

If you want your tiles to suit the existing furniture and decor, you need to carefully check the patterns and colours. The right tiles can open up your crammed-up spaces and will help them look more elegant. If the room is smaller in size, it is better to opt for light-coloured tiles. Lighter tiles reflect light and can open the space. You can pick marble finishes or even solid single colours depending on your needs and expectations. To create a modern and trendy look, you can go with textured or mosaic tile patterns.

Ceramique au Sommet ceramic tiles are available in a large variety of shades and designs. You can pick the most suitable options as per your specific room requirements. You can handpick the tiles for floors as well as walls too.

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