Top 10 Online Examinations Trends In 2022


2021 witnessed a lot of changes in the education sector. It was indeed filled with numerous ups and downs. Due to this, people started adopting and accepting technology in education. It increased the need for having online examination software. Let us see the top 10 online examination trends for the year 2022.

10 Online Examinations Trends In 2022

For keeping the students engaged, the educators are keeping up with innovations. Due to the online trend, educators tend to develop a more effective learning environment.

  1. Technological Change

As one found the technical capabilities, various learning supports technologies and media came into the front. It assists the students to receive high-quality education even with the help of the internet. Though there are various advantages and disadvantages of this trend, educators are taking the help of learning management systems to keep up with the students’ progress throughout the course.

  1. The Switch To E-Learning Platform

The switch to the e-learning platform is quite simple as it allows the teachers to conduct assessments, including the comprehension skill test, successfully in a simple manner. Educators are quite comfortable with this switch.

  1. Scalability In Online Examinations

Online examinations are a scalable option as compared to offline examinations. Despite all the technical difficulties, they require minimal training. However, with the knowledge and sufficient skill, one can easily conduct online examinations.

  1. Cheating Prevention

Cheating has become one of the serious problems during online examinations. But this particular platform takes the help of various cheating prevention tools and techniques to prevent cheating during the examinations.

  1. Quick Result Processing

The online examination does not require any individual participation. Students can take the examination right in the comfort of their homes. But on the other hand, the offline examination is time-consuming. With the invention of online examination, one can save effort and time while making the process agile. Hence one can expect quick processing of results.

  1. Reduced Logistical Costs

Online examination has made taking examinations a simple and economical one. The examinee tends to enjoy the convenience of location flexibility and time. There is no cost related to the invigilator or location.

  1. Remote Supervision

One of the advantages of having online examinations is the convenience of remote supervision. You need not have to travel to the exam center physically. Instead, you would be able to sit back and do the needful right from your home.

  1. Secure Exam Browsers

It is one of the effective methods to prevent cheating during an online examination. The exam software online is designed to capture all the footage and noises of the candidate and the surrounding. As the candidates are aware that they are being invigilated, one could prevent cheating.

  1. Use Of Proctoring Software

Especially during the personality psychometric test, the software helps to detect cheating efficiently. This particular software helps lock down the computer while the candidate sits for the examination.

  1. Simplification Of Oral Or Viva Exam

With the innovation of online assessments, one does not have to go for descriptive tests. Instead, with the help of purpose-built gadgets, students can write down their examinations. The method of taking oral and viva examinations is simplified. Various educational sectors use their digital assessment platform to conduct online examinations successfully.

Technology is somehow a blessing for us, especially during difficult times. The online examination offers various advantages, especially if you look for the right organization that offers end-to-end customized assessment tests. MeritTrac is one such company that helps to offer research-backed online test software. Due to this reason, you can expect reliability and transparency while conducting the examination. To request a demo from the team, click here.


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