The Challenges online food delivery restaurants are facing.


In the present day, the world is changing rapidly. The industries are also massively changing to accommodate the ever-changing customer demands. In this period they refer to as the digital era, people are shifting from dining in restaurants to get food delivered to their doorstep through the e-restaurant. This technology has shown massive growth over the past years. As it grows more and more, it also brings with it some barriers to new players in the market and also to the existing ones too. To understand this we will talk about the challenges faced by online food delivery restaurants.

  • Inability to cope with increasingly large volume.

Once a restaurant is registered as an e-restaurant, there is a big possibility it will get more customers. The staff may not be consisted in its services as before to satisfy the large volume of people.

  • Inconsistency in food quality.

Getting a large volume of customers may affect the quality of the food they are offering. Online customers are very sensitive, once they note a change in the quality of the food, they are gone. This is because of the choices they have in the market. They can never exploit the large market present hence there is a chance you will never get them back.

  • The ever-shifting customer loyalty.

Customers tend to buy where they get the best service and most importantly, where they receive good incentives and promotions. There being many e-restaurants around a customer will weigh the incentive all if yours are not favoring him, you will fall victim of losing a customer.

  • Threat from bigger players.

The more established food delivery market poses a big threat to small and upcoming restaurants. The more they want to grow, the more they get into the shadow of the bigger players in the market. This is because the bigger players have an established customer basis which is hard to lose.

  • Unstable market prices.

The market offers different prices from different restaurants. The younger players may face a challenge when the price escalates and the bigger players offer more incentives which will bring down the small players in the market. The customers don’t care whether you are established or not, they will go where they get more and incentive and quality services.

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