4 Fail-Proof Ways to Skyrocket Your SoundCloud Comments


For aspiring singers and independent artists who look forward to publishing their track online and share it with the world, SoundCloud is their go-to platform. A music community online that boasts of millions of users, SoundCloud is loved by all music-aficionados. It is one of those platforms where artists can feel confident enough to share their work without having to shell out any money.

The Importance of SoundCloud Comments

And though the platform is a go-getter for people who are determined to take up music as their mainstream career, will the plain, simple music recording and publishing the same suffice for grabbing mass attention and encourage people to listen to your music? Well, it is a big no. It needs you to put in efforts to expand your music reach beyond the target audience. 

The only way people evaluate you as a singer is through the comments you have fetched on SoundCloud. Comments, bad or good, are a clear indication that your music is being heard. And nonetheless to mention, the more comments you get, the better the chances of new listeners playing your music.

So to get more comments on SoundCloud, we have brought you the best ways to shoot them up in numbers. Here’s how:

Hacks to Multiply Your SoundCloud Comments

  • Buy SoundCloud Comments From Reputed Sites

Purchasing cheap SoundCloud comments is key to getting quick audiences and comments. This is the easiest method to get a maximum number of comments. Conduct your research on SoundCloud plays providers, and the basic metric of measuring the success of the provider is to check their quality and if at all it is original or not. Also check for the bonus add-ons that the company is offering like SoundCloud likes promotion, etc. This is looked up as one of the perfect ways to expand your comments on both SoundCloud audio and profile.

  • Stay Upfront in Leaving A Comment Beneath Every Track You Listen on SoundCloud

This is counted as one of the effective ways to create your network. Upon becoming an active listener on SoundCloud and it is when you start commenting frequently for every music you hear, that you are encouraging the top artists to engage with you by listening to your published work. And if the respected artist happens to like what you published on SoundCloud, then you are in luck, as he might convince his followers to listen to your music or ask them to leave you useful feedback in the form of comments.

  • Collaborate With Recognized Music Blogs

It is when you collaborate with famous music blogs that you are allowing them to feature your music. Bloggers are always on the hunt for fresh works and skills that they can blog about as part of their discoveries. And once they get a good amount of following, they can direct the potential listeners to your SoundCloud music.

  • Your SoundCloud Profile Should Be Gripping and Eye-Catching

An impressive SoundCloud profile will lure and attract bloggers and listeners to listen to your published tracks. Whereas, a bland profile with grammatical mistakes, unnecessary tags, and an unappealing image will result in people ignoring it. It doesn’t matter if you invested millions of dollars on your track, if your profile doesn’t look promising, or if your music cover art doesn’t look professional or outstanding, people will show no interest in it. 

In case this feels too much and you solely need to focus on the track you are about to publish, look for Soundcloud like promotion and buy likes as per your wish to make your track easily discoverable and to attract good listeners from across the world.

Unless you are succeeding in grabbing the attention of people to like and listen to your music, your presence on SoundCloud is equal to nothing. Besides being a talented musician, you must buy cheap SoundCloud comments to help your track rise in popularity and make your track be heard by a large spectrum of audiences. 


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