SEO or Influencer Marketing for Small Businesses


Every small business has a marketing plan, but during the initial days of their marketing, most businesses get confused as to which marketing practice works best for them.

As they are growing from scratch, every marketing strategy will start from zero, contributing to the business growth. Most marketing practices require a hefty investment; hence you only have SEO and Influencer marketing as the initial marketing practice that might do wonders.

However, the big question is which one should you start with? SEO is the organic method to promote your business, while influencer marketing includes collaborating with the influencers who help you reach a broad audience and promote your business to a greater extent.

When it comes to SEO vs. Influencer marketing, below, we are sharing with you some pointers that will help you in decision making.

Time for Results: The foremost question that comes to your mind is how much time is required to get the results? Search Engine Optimization is a long-term strategy that takes more than 4-5 months to show results. This is a long waiting period for startup businesses that look forward to instant yet quick results with low investment.

Influencer marketing is a one-time collaboration that delivers immediate results based on your content quality, influencer’s followers, and a few other considerable factors. So, working with influencers will help you get a quick push to your business growth.

Building Relationship: When working with SEO, you and the team are entirely devoted to building your organic visibility. It means you don’t have any strong relationship with influencers or celebrities who can be a helping hand in your brand promotion.

In influencer marketing, you connect with different influencers who assist you (in some way) to get a jumpstart with your Business Growth. Searching for the right influencer gives a big exposure to large influencers with whom you can work in the future and build strong business relationships.

Level of Efforts Involved: Level of effort plays a significant role in deciding the right marketing practice during the initial branding days. As a small business, you look for a smart and effective marketing practice that requires less effort and better results for your brand. 

SEO requires significantly more effort compared to influencer marketing. SEO includes building a team, working for months to improve your organic presence, and outrank the competition. Factually, not every business gets successful results from SEO; due to the wrong SEO strategy.

However, influencer marketing requires finding a potential influencer and collaborating to build content and promote it across different social channels. That’s It! You have gained the result that you can evaluate and analyze whether it worked for your business or not.

Benefit for Other Marketing Strategies: Following SEO practices will undoubtedly help you in Paid marketing, but it is only limited to that. Interestingly, investing in influencer marketing is beneficial for SEO. Yes, with influencer marketing, you build trust and boost your website traffic, which is considered a positive ranking factor by search engines and hence benefits you with top rankings with low SEO efforts.

With this, you now have a clear picture to make a decision between SEO and Influencer marketing.

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