How to Provide Quality Education to Students During Covid-19?


Most of the schools and colleges are temporarily closed throughout the world due to Covid-19 outbreak. This has badly affected the education of many students. However, to help students and parents most of the schools and colleges have started online classes. The best part of these online classes is students need not have a laptop or a personal computer to attend these online classes. A simple Smartphone is enough to attend their classes online. They can also download the materials related to their subject on their Smartphone.

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However, can everybody understand these online classes? Not everyone are fast learners. In fact, in classroom you will find some slow learners, who need extra attention. Besides, pre-made online classes can be extremely confusing for such students. Hence, schools and colleges should conduct live classes to help such slow learners. There are many teachers who think that their job is done by simply conducting the classes online.

But this is completely wrong. It is the responsibility of every teacher to understand up to what extend the students have understood what you taught them. How to do this? It is pretty simple. All you have to do is shoot some questions to your students on what you have taught them. This will help you understand who did not pay attention to your classes. Conduct weekly and monthly tests online to see an improvement in your students score.

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Make sure that your classes will be very interesting to your students. Avoid being too serious while teaching your students as this make your students feel uncomfortable. To be frank your students will not be interested in your classes if you are too serious. Make your classes very interactive to help students understand what you are trying to teach them.


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