Online Learning Has Created an Opportunity in This Pandemic


The pandemic situation created by Corona virus has jeopardized the whole world. It has put a heavy pressure on the economy and education system. The lockdown and shutting of schools have rendered trouble for teachers, students and parents. Many authorities have either already postponed or cancelled various examinations and reduced scope of learning.

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However, during this time what became most valuable is online education. Many schools and other educational institutions have taken up the role to impart education to their students through online mode with the help of internet. However, of course not all effort has uniform effect in all aspect.

How is learning affected during this crisis?

There is inequality and deficiency in education systems of most of the countries. Finding opportunity of alternative learning option is available to students with privileged background but is difficult to access for the students with humble background. For these students, closure of schools and colleges had interrupted their learning for a long time. The students are also suffering from impending student debts.

International students have suffered the most with ban on travelling and closing of universities for stopping the spread of infection. Higher education requires adequate learning opportunities, communication and learning environment. Even teachers need to train themselves to prepare with the necessary tools and requirements of effective teaching through online mode.

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Benefits of online education during this pandemic

In this pandemic, your health is most important, thus we can only settle for the best alternative available. Though it is important to have access to internet to get online classes, not everybody would be able to access. The disparity would remain, but there are many benefits to it. You would be able to continue with your curriculum with teacher’s assistance.

Even some of the popular online course provider companies are making learning easily accessible with prompt. You can invest all your time to learn through online courses at your own pace.


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