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Why Black Granite Countertops are a Favorite Among Homeowners and Remodelers


Black granite is made from hardened magma that flows out from the Earth’s crust. It boasts natural patterns and colour transitions that have captured the attention of many homeowners and renovators.

Granite slabs are available in various kinds. But, black granite countertops are getting more and more fans these days. The following are some of the reasons why homeowners love to install black countertops:

Give their Home a More Luxurious Look

Comptoir de Granite au Sommet is a top choice in terms of timeless beauty and elegance. They have finer veining patterns with specks of other colours due to the presence of other materials. With these patterns, the seams of granite become invisible even if you opt to use black granite for smaller surface areas. Black granite countertops showcase a rich dark colour that gives your space a dramatic feel. Also, black is in demand as it can bring great contrast with white-coloured cabinetry. Black granite kitchen countertops can perfectly work with black cabinet door panels to give your kitchen a modern and sleek look.

They are Easy Clean and Maintain

Black granite tends to have more resistance to stains than other kinds of granite, so it is easier to clean. Black granite countertops with a polished surface have an increased non-porous trait, making them more resistant to both spills and stains. 

But, when cleaning granite, it is important to apply impregnating sealants to secure the stone’s anti-stain and anti-bacterial properties. When cleaning these countertops, a neutral dish soap solution and soft sponge or towel must be used. 

They are Durable

Granite is popular for its high resistance to dents and scratches. That is why most homeowners prefer to install granite countertops for their kitchen. But, it is still recommended to use chopping boards when using a knife to preserve the aesthetics and polished finish of the countertops.  

There are Different Types to Choose From

There are many black granite countertops on the market that suits your renovation project. These include Galaxy Black, Absolute Black, and Brazilian Black Granite countertops. Galaxy black granite is ideal if you want your counter to have a starry night look. If you opt for a rich deep dark background with minimal visible veining, you may want to go for Absolute black granite. You can make a sound decision if you visit a showroom. Choose a store with an array of collection for black granite countertops as well as provide high-quality and affordable options for your remodeling project. 


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