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Do You Want to Take Up Any Home Remodeling Project?



Ever since the world is affected due to the pandemic COVID-19, various legal restrictions have been imposed on the remodeling industry and as a result, it has become almost impossible to do many home remodeling projects.

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Most projects are getting delayed for various reasons due to the current pandemic situation. Each situation however needs to be properly analyzed based on its merits.

Following are a few issues that have come up due to this reason:

  1. Project costs have increased

Due to many unforeseen issues, the contractors have started charging more for all kinds of jobs and the reasons may partly be real and partly artificial too.

  1. It is taking more time than expected

The best solution to this issue would be the introduction of a certain late fee for the delay during the initial contract and include a bonus clause for the timely completion of the project.

  1. Avoid getting emotional

Contractors may try to convince you and try to get your sympathy for delay etc. however, as a homeowner you must stick to your agreed schedule.


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  1. Spend as much that your property value justifies

Don’t end up spending more than what your property deserves. The resale value of the property will not increase even if you overspend.

  1. Consider the property’s percentage value

You must consider the budget for renovation as a certain fixed percentage of the property value and then stick to it.

  1. Few contractors may even overcharge

The present condition has allowed many unscrupulous contractors to overcharge, beware about that while awarding any project.

  1. Lower your expectation

Due the current situation you have to lower your expectation.

Both contractors as well as homeowners are really in quite a difficult position due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, while taking up any project related to home improvement careful analysis must be done.


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