Why Consider a Full-Wrap Application of Paint Protection Film?


Most vehicles with paint protection film are protected only in some areas like fenders, hood, front bumpers, and rocker panels. The reason is that these areas are prone to rock chips and damage from other road debris. But, if you want peace of mind about not just the vulnerable parts of your car but also the entire car, you may want to consider the application of a Proshield pellicule pare pierre or paint protection film (PPF). The following are the reasons this full-wrap application is worth considering:

Rock Chips Don’t Choose Where They Hit your Car

While the majority of rock chips appear on the front of your car, along the rocker panels, or in the rear wheel arch, small rocks can strike other parts of your car. For instance, the rear door of the passenger side may be hit by small rocks that a car passing on your left can kick up. These small rocks can leave unsightly marks on your car unless it is protected with PPF. 

Acid Rain is Unforgiving to Painted Surfaces

Air pollutants cause acid rain that can damage your car’s paint. If rainwater dries on the surface of your car, it can leave behind acidic deposits that can etch into the clear coat. Rainwater can get any part of your car’s paint wet, making it susceptible to damage from acid rain. This is especially a concern if your location has high pollution. 

Your Vehicle Paint Gets Exposed to UV Rays

Direct sunlight can damage your car’s paint. When exposed to UV rays for a long time, causing the paint to oxidise and produce a faded or dull look. Oxidation is a risk for any part of your car that is exposed to the sun. 

Bird Droppings can Hit Any Part of your Car’s Exteriors

When left on the car for a while, bird droppings can quickly etch into the clear coat of its finish, leaving serious chemical stains. Chemical stains from bird droppings are likely to appear on the roof than other areas of your car.  

Paint protection film does more than just protecting your car from rock chips. It offers a layer of protection against the environmental hazards mentioned above. These hazards impact every painted surface on your car, not only the front bumper, hood, and rocker panels. Because of this, a quality full wrap of PPF performed by an experienced installer will add significant value to your vehicle.

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